Staff Directory


Ms. M. Hansen School Administrative Secretary
Ms. K. Ghag Student Database, Student e-Records
Ms. L. Logan School Accounts
Ms. K. Lemke Reception, Student Records
Ms. V. Ameixa Office Support


Ms. J. Duhamel-Conover (Instructional Leader) Students with last name H-L
Ms. T. Arron Students with last name A-G
Mr. J. Gatzke (Tues., Thurs., & every second Fri. only) Students with last name M-Q
Mr. F. Strand Students with last name R-Z
Ms. C. Woolstone (Mon. & Wed. afternoons only)


Name/Email Department Website
Ms. M. Adrangi Math
Ms. T. Belyea Math Ms. Belyea’s website
Ms. M. Brkich (Instructional Leader) English
Mr. T. Bruderer YTT – Electrical Program
Mr. J. Budai Social Studies
Mr. B. Cameron ADST – Technology Ed
Ms. S. Chapman Physical & Health Ed
Ms. M. Cook Business Ed/Math
Ms. K. Couglin LSS
Mr. F. Culbert English Mr. Culbert’s website
Mr. J. Dardano (Instructional Leader) ADST – Business Ed
Mr. G. Davis Physical & Health Ed
Ms. A. Deitch Career Programs
Ms. J. DeMelo Physical & Health Ed
Ms. C. Der ADST – Technology Ed
Mr. F. Dhanani Science Mr. Dhanani’s website
Ms. N. Dharsee (Instructional Leader) Languages – French
Mr. P. Dudley (Instructional Leader) VPA – Music
Ms. D. Dunne (Instructional Leader) Social Studies
Ms. C. Fernandes English
Ms. A. Fulop Math Ms. Fulop’s website
Ms. D. Gestrin VPA – Music
Ms. C. Gingras Career Programs
Mr. S. Gopal ELL
Mr. T. Hoile LSS BMSS-LSS Website
Mr. A. Hsueh Math
Ms. N. Hundal Math
Mr. R. Jack Social Studies
Mr. E. Kim ELL
Mr. B. Kinoshita (Instructional Leader) Physical & Health Ed
Ms. J. Klassen Languages – French
Mr. A. Ko ADST – Business Ed
Mr. R. Kushlick Social Studies
Ms. J. Lam Science Ms. Lam’s website
Mr. J. Liau Languages – Japanese
Ms. M. Lopez VPA – Art
Ms. J. Manning Career Programs
Mr. D. McLean Science
Ms. G. Mehta VPA – Photography
Ms. L. Mindlin LSS BMSS-LSS Website
Ms. D. Moreno English
Mr. S. Murray English Mr. Murray’s Website
Ms. A. Niemann Languages – Spanish
Ms. L. Nogayeva Language – French
Ms. H. Ocenas (Instructional Leader) LSS BMSS-LSS Website
Ms. J. Panesar Social Studies
Ms. A. Pattenaude VPA – Dance
Ms. J. Reily (Instructional Leader) Math
Mr. J. Richards English, ELL
Mr. J. Richardson (Athletic Director) Athletics, Physical & Health Ed
Mr. R. Rolph Social Studies Mr. Rolph’s website
Mr. L. Ryan Physical & Health Ed
Ms. S. Ryant Social Studies
Ms. T. Sarbazzadeh VPA – Art
Ms. S. Sacilotto Physical & Health Ed
Ms. J. Sambell Science
Mr. A. Sastry LSS – Co-op Program BMSS-LSS Website
Ms. T. Sin (Instructional Leader) Science Ms. Sin’s website
Ms. I. Singh Math
Ms. D. Siverson Home Ec Ms. Siverson’s website
Ms. J. Smith LSS BMSS-LSS Website
Ms. K. Spence Science
Ms. C. Steffen ADST – Hospitality Management Ms. Steffen’s website
Ms. A. Stevens LSS – Pre-employment Ms. Stevens’ website
Ms. L. Stevens LSS – Access Program
Ms. K. Stewart Math
Ms. T. Sullivan English
Ms. R. Temple VPA – Drama Ms. Temple’s website
Ms. N. Tuccori LSS BMSS-LSS Website
Ms. S. Turpin Home Ec
Ms. N. Vangelista Social Studies Ms. Vangelista’s website
Ms. P. Wei Home Ec
Ms. M. Williams Teacher Librarian Library website
Mr. T. Wineberg Science
Ms. K. Wu Science Ms. Wu’s website
Ms. A. Xiao Languages – Mandarin
Mr. D. Zizzari English


Mr. S. McCarron School Safety Specialist
Ms. J. Norman Indigenous Support Worker
Ms. G. Pereira International Student Liaison Worker