Technology Education

The Tech Education Teaching Team

Mr. Tim Bruderer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Youth Train and Trades – Construction Electrician Program

Mr. Brock Cameron                                                                                                                            

Ms. Cassandra Der                                                                                                                              

Mr. Luke Vander Zalm                                                                                                                        


Course Offerings:

  • ADST 8 (Applied Design, Skills and Technologies)
  • Youth Trade Skills Explorations 10
  • Woodwork 9/10
  • Electronics and Robotics 9/10
  • Electronics 11/12: Robotics
  • Drafting: Design 9/10
  • Drafting: Design 11/12
  • Furniture and Cabinetry 12
  • Woodwork 11/12: Carpentry and Joinery
  • Youth Train in Trades – Construction Electrician Program


Building a foundation for today’s youth!

Life in a technologically advanced society requires a breadth of knowledge and practical skills. The Technology Education Department has courses suitable for all students, regardless of future career goals. All students are given the opportunity to develop valuable skills for enjoyment as hobbyists or for other pursuits where knowledge of tool use, knowledge of materials, and applied skills are required. Students interested in skilled trades ITA Youth programs, BCIT, engineering and trades training will have the opportunity to engage in the practical practices of the skilled trades and be able to develop skills necessary for future employment.

Throughout the ADST curriculum, students will be exploring these different phase:

Safety – Tools/machines/procedures

Understanding – Context/vocabulary/terms

Defining – Ideas/problems/challenges

Ideating – Experimenting/exploring/drafting/sketching

Prototyping – Thinking big, acting small and trying lots

Testing – Refining the approach

Making – Creating/constructing/building

Sharing – Reflecting/displaying

Course Descriptions

ADST 8 (Applied Design, Skills and Technologies)

This is a general technology course that combines design and building elements from woodwork, electronics, drafting and design. This is a mandatory one term course for all grade 8 students. For many students, this is their first experience working with machines and materials to build various projects.

Youth Trade Skills Explorations 10

A perfect starting point for students in grades 9 and 10, this program is a way to explore multiple trades to discover the perfect fit—and pick up valuable skills in the process. The program is a partnership between the Ministry of Education and ITA, designed to give students 120 hours of hands-on experience and a clear path before enrolling in a high school apprenticeship program (Youth Train in Trades program). Talk to Ms. Der for more information.

Woodwork 9/10

In this course, students will combine wood and metal to create personalized projects with an emphasis on creative expression and image development while learning how to use shop equipment safely and effectively. Students will have the opportunity to build a variety of projects such as jewelry, gumball machines, cutting boards and other practical and decorative pieces.

Electronics and Robotics 9/10, and Electronics 11/12: Robotics

In electronics, students will learn the fundamental principles of electrical theory and how to apply them to building functional circuits! Topics explored include, but are not limited to breadboard prototyping, making custom circuit boards, utilizing electrical testing equipment, and discovering the functions and applications of a variety of electrical components and systems. Participants will also be introduced to concepts in computer programming using Arduino hardware and software. Some of the projects previously made in class include programmable LED strips, basic musical instruments, RNG devices such as electrical roulettes and dice, Bluetooth remote-controlled cars, sound reactive LED displays, and more!

Students who have taken the class multiple times will be able to have more creative freedom extending beyond what we typically cover during the course.


This course is a preferred prerequisite to post-secondary electrical and engineering programs, giving participants a competitive edge when applying for related programs at institutions such as BCIT, UBC, and SFU!

Drafting: Design 9/10 and 11/12

Students have the opportunity to develop creative designs using Google Sketch-Up 3D modeling program, pencil drawings and our 4 Tinkerine 3D printers. The course is also designed to incorporate hands-on projects such as geometric model building, floor planning and house models. Other possible projects include: pencil and computer drawings, cardboard furniture challenges, Rube Goldberg machines, bridge competitions, siege machine designs, furniture designs and models, one point and or two-point perspective drawings. Students will customize some of their designs and bring some of them to life by printing them out on the 3D printers. Many careers involve drafting and design such as architects, engineers, computer 3D animators, interior designers, city planners and many others.

Furniture and Cabinetry 12

Wood and metal are both versatile mediums for creative and artistic self-expression. This advanced course builds on topics covered in previous years and includes units on designing and creating both wood and metal projects such as furniture, jewelry, and other useful items. There is great potential in this class for exploratory learning.

Woodwork 11/12: Carpentry and Joinery

This is an advanced course for students who have a strong interest in woodworking. Students will be able to construct a wide variety of personalized projects for their own use such as cabinets, boxes, tools, clocks and other implements. Quality joinery and creative self-expression are both strongly encouraged in this course

Youth Train in Trades – Construction Electrician Program

This is a dual-credit College/High School course open to grade 11 and 12’s which gives successful students their Level 1 (of 4) of a construction Electrician Apprenticeship. Electricians are responsible for safely and correctly installing wiring and other electrical equipment in houses, high rises and commercial and industrial construction sites. Students learn the theory and practical aspects of the trade. Students must be prepared to work hard as the minimum passing grade in this course is 70%, as this is a college-recognized program. A real worksite, 3-week work experience practicum is part of the course. An application and interview are required