School Plan and Mission Statement


We, at Burnaby Mountain, are committed to provide a safe and supportive learning environment where individual potential is nourished, and all learners are challenged to reach for excellence.  Our purpose is to develop lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves, for others, and for the environment.  Our focus is to educate students so that they can participate actively as contributing citizens in a changing world.  Our School Motto, “RESPECT, EXCELLENCE, AND RESPONSIBILITY”, supports our Mission Statement and provides a foundation to our teaching and our learning.

Our Mission Statement and Motto guide us; however, our goals provide direction, objectives and strategies. The goals focus on school improvement and meeting the needs of all learners.

Our school goals for the 2023/2024 School Year are the following:

Please see a summary of Burnaby Mountain’s School Goals 2023-2024. School community input is valued and important to us. If you have any feedback or suggestions please contact Dave Rawnsley (

Literacy Goal

To foster an educated, responsible and reflective community of digitally literate citizens. A specific focus will be given to the development of social, personal and emotional competencies and self-regulation of our Grade 8 and 9 students through a targeted approach to digital literacy.


Healthy Schools Goal

To improve student mental health and wellness through increased social connections and targeted social skill development. A particular emphasis will be placed on reducing screen time and replacing this behaviour with pro-social, mindful practices.