The Burnaby Mountain Science Department is a dynamic, enthusiastic, and dedicated team that embraces change and challenge. Our department uses the B.C. science curriculum as a vehicle to develop essential skills and background knowledge to promote student understanding of the world and support student’s role as lifelong learners. The Science Department integrates technology along with hands-on activities and labs across a wide range of courses to help meet the learning needs of all of our students.

Science Department Members

Mr. B. Callister (Department Head) Science
Mr.F. Dhanani Science
Ms. L. Dhir Science
Ms. C. Dias Science/Math
Mr. W. Lau Science
Ms. J. Lam Science
Ms. J. Mckay Science
Ms. S. Milbradt Science
Ms. V. Norris Science
Ms.T. O’Reilly Science
Ms. K. Spence Science
Mr. T. Wineberg Science
Ms. K. Wu Science

Courses Offered

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Science Department Course Descriptions

Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Science 8
Science 8 Honours
Science 9
Science 9 Honours
Science 10
Science 10 Honours


Grade 11
Grade 12
Life Sciences 11
Biology 11 Honours
Physics 11
AP Physics 1
Chemistry 11
Chemistry 11 Honours
Science for Citizens 11
Anatomy and Physiology 12
AP Biology 12
Physics 12
AP Physics 2
Chemistry 12
AP Chemistry 12
Science and Technology 12