Career Life Connections (CLC) 11


The purpose of this course is to help students identify their strengths and interests, familiarize themselves with post-secondary options and explore possible career paths.

This course focuses on applying personal career-life management knowledge, skills, and strategies to one’s own personal life journey.  Students will assess their personal transferable skills and identify their strengths and those skills that require further refinement and explore possibilities for preferred personal and education/employment futures. Throughout this process students will reflect on experiences in school and out of school, assess development in the Core Competencies, and begin to assemble evidence of their learning journey.


Expectations for 2021-2022

CAREER CONNECTIONS 11 – (2 credits) – Sessions held during the Friday Morning Flex Time

Student Support times (8:40 am – 9:30 am in the Gym)

  • Every Grade 11 student is part of a CLC 11 Team in Microsoft Teams. It is important

that students check this Team regularly for updates on session date as well as

assignments and their due dates.

  • Sessions will be held in-person 2 times per term
  • Students should complete all assignments on time in the CLC 11 Team
  • Students will receive a final grade for this course in June 2022.

CLC 11 Teachers: Please email us if you have any questions or come by the Career Centre

Students whose last name is between A – Lee (inclusive)

Ms. Gingras and

Ms. Manning

Student whose last name is between Leg – Z (inclusive)

Ms. Deitch