Applied Design, Skills, & Technologies

Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies are courses for students to apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes shared by Business Education, Home Economics, Technology Education and Planning in meaningful contexts using problem-solving strategies. Students are given opportunities to gain and practice the skills needed to enhance their ability to make personal and career choices. These opportunities allow students to develop critical thinking through problem-solving activities which have application in a variety of contexts.

Applied Design, Skills, & Technologies (ADST) Department Members

Mr. T. Bruderer Tech Ed
Mr. B. Cameron Tech Ed
Ms. M. Cook Business Ed
Mr. J, Dardano (Instructional Leader) Business Ed
Ms. A. Deitch Career
Ms. C. Der Tech Ed / PHE
Ms. C. Gingras Career
Mr. A. Ko Business Ed / Information Technology
Ms. J. Manning Career
Ms. D. Siverson Home Economics
Ms. C. Steffen Tourism / Event Management
Ms. S. Turpin Home Economics
Ms. P. Wei Home Economics