The study of English language and literature at Burnaby Mountain sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our professional commitment as English Language Arts educators is grounded in the personal belief that literacy is the key to success. Critical thinking, analysis, writing, research, and speaking are essential tools which students need to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving language forms and ever changing media of the 21st century. Learners reflect on contemporary issues that enhance their study of the various literary forms and genres, and upon the cultural diversity of our society. Students have multiple opportunities and means to express themselves and share their ideas. We encourage creativity, imagination, passion and a lifelong love of literature; students are inspired to see that words remain a source of magic.

English Department Members

Ms. M. Brkich (Instructional Leader) English mara.brkich@burnabyschools.ca
Mr. F. Culbert English fraser.culbert@burnabyschools.ca
Mr. T. Hoile English tony.hoile@burnabyschools.ca
Mr. E. Kim English/ELL edward.kim@burnabyschools.ca
Ms. L. Mindlin English lindsay.mindlin@burnabyschools.ca
Ms. D. Moreno English daphne.moreno@burnabyschools.ca
Mr. S. Murray English sam.murray@burnabyschools.ca
Mr. J. Richards English judsen.richards@burnabyschools.ca
Ms. T. Sullivan English Tracy.Sullivan@sburnabyschools.ca
Ms. N. Tuccori English Natalie.Tuccori@sburnabyschools.ca
Mr. D. Zizzari English david.zizzari@burnabyschools.ca

English Department Course Information

English Course Offerings

Writing 12

English Literature 12 

Academic Reading and Writing