Business Education

Courses Offered

Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Business Education 8
Info. Computer Applications 9
Business Ventures 9
Business Ventures 10
Media Design 10


Grade 11
Grade 12
Marketing 11
Bus. Computer Applications 11
Accounting 11
Computer Programming 11
Media Design 11
Entrepreneurship 12
E-commerce 12
Yearbook 12
Accounting 12
Financial Accounting 12
Digital Media Development 12
Computer programming 12
Business Computer Apps 11/12
AP Computer Science A

Course Descriptions

Business Education 8

In this course, students will be introduced to basic computer skills.  Students will learn how to keyboard properly, and how to use computers in a responsible manner. Students will learn how to use various software to communicate information.

Information Computer Technology 9

This course is designed as an introduction to various computer topics.  These topics include but are not limited to Animation, 2D Image Manipulation, Computer Programming and Mobile Development

Business Ventures 9/10

Business ventures is a course that provides students with a basic understanding of business principles.  In this course students have the opportunity to apply entrepreneurship and marketing principles by starting a business of their own.

Media Design 10 – Digital Marketing

Students will learn advanced computer techniques and how they can be used in the Marketing.  Topics include Video Production, Graphic and Image Design, and Sound Design among others.   Students will also learn about the Media Production Process and complete products in different stages, Pre-Production to Post-Production.

Media Design 11 – Animation

Students will learn about media technologies for image development and design.  Students will also develop images and artwork that will be used in 2D animations using Adobe Flash.

Digital Media Development 12 – 3D Animation

Students will continue to develop skills and techniques for 2D image manipulation as well as learn about methods for Digital animation and 3D modelling while using the program Blender.

Computer Programming 11

This course is designed for students that are new to coding.  It is recommended that students come to this class with good typing skills.  Students will be given the opportunity to learn basic Computer Programming concepts through the language of their choice, Java or C#.

Computer Programming 12 – Java

This course is designed for students with some prior knowledge of coding.  Students will enhance their knowledge of Java through a series of projects while learning some more advanced Computer Programming concepts.

AP Computer Science A

This Advanced Placement course is a year-long course that follows the curriculum as provided by the AP College Board and prepares students for the AP exam in May.  The course is taught in the Computer Programming Language Java.  Prior Computer Programming experience is highly recommended.

Marketing 11

Entrepreneurship 12

E-Commerce 12

Business Computer Applications 11/12

This course is designed to introduce various business application software for the purpose of creating documents for communicating in the business world.  Students will use software to create, present on process information.  Students will learn how to effectively present, send emails, and prepare professional looking documents.

Accounting 11/12

This is an introductory course which covers the complete accounting cycle from analyzing transactions to preparing financial statements.  By the end of the course, students will have a good understanding of basic accounting terminology, principles and procedures.

Financial Accounting 12

Students will learn advanced accounting principles which will help prepare them into a major at post-secondary instruction.  Students will learn how to apply accounting principles to comply with accounting standards (IFRS).  Completion of Accounting 11 is recommended.

Economics 12

This class is designed to introduce students to different Microeconomic and Macroeconomics topics.  Students will learn about the economic problem and how different factors can influence the prices in various markets.

Yearbook 11/12

This course focuses on producing the school yearbook.  Students will learn to design page layouts using the program Adobe InDesign as well as photo editing and graphic design with the program Adobe Photoshop.  Time is also spent outside of class taking photos and assembling yearbook pages.