Learning Support

The Learning Support Services Department oversees the educational care of students with special learning needs. Burnaby Mountain’s community of learners includes students with the following Ministry Designations:

A Dependent Handicapped
C Profound /Moderate Intellectual Disabilities,
D Physical Disability or Chronic Health
E Visually Impairment
F Hearing Impairment
G Autism
H Severe Behaviour Disorders
Q Learning Disability (mild, moderate, severe)
K Mild Intellectual Disability
R Moderate Behavior Disorders
P Gifted

Students with Attention Deficit Disorder and/or significant delays in their literacy, numeracy, and executive functioning skills may also be supported through our learning support programs based on consultation with the Learning Support Team.

In response to the learning needs of these students, the following support programs are provided:

  1. ACCESS Program
  2. Pre-Employment Program
  3. Course Support,
  4. Academic Cohorts

Please note that learning support programs and course offerings will not be listed on the regular course selection sheet because admission to these courses is by referral only.

  • Students should select the regular credit courses for which they will be receiving credit (eg. English, Social Studies, Math, etc.).
  • In the Counsellor Notes section of your online form, please request a Learning Support Consultation.
  • All students currently registered in learning support programs will receive a consultation and parent confirmation.

Please contact Heather Ocenas (heather.ocenas@sd41.bc.ca) if you have questions or inquiries about any of our programs.

 Learning Support Department Members

Ms. H. Ocenas (Department Head) Learning Support heather.ocenas@burnabyschools.ca
Mr. J. Bach Access Program john.bach@burnabyschools.ca
Mr. A. Sastry Pre-employment Program anil.sastry@burnabyschools.ca
Ms. J. Haywood Course Support janisha.haywood@burnabyschools.ca
Mr. T. Hoile Course Support tony.hoile@burnabyschools.ca
Mr. F. Mclean Course Support frank.mclean@burnabyschools.ca
L. MINDLIN Course Support lindsay.mindlin@burnabyschools.ca
Educational Assistants: J. Advocaat S. Falcus J. McCormick
 B. Catt D. James H. Parbatani
A. Deheer N. Jewer  S.Teixeira
M. Esteban McCormick S. Webber