Learning Support

For information about the programs and services offered by our Learning Support Services Department, please visit our department website at the following link.

BMSS – LSS Website

Learning Support Department Members

Julia Carollo Socials PreEmployment Program julia.carollo@burnabyschools.ca
Tony Hoile English/Socials TLC, Humanities 8 tony.hoile@burnabyschools.ca
Lindsay Mindlin English SUMMIT Program,  TLC, Indigenous Success Teacher lindsay.mindlin@burnabyschools.ca
Heather Ocenas (Instructional Leader) Science/Math SUMMIT  Program, Outreach, Peer Tutoring heather.ocenas@burnabyschools.ca
Jarett Richardson PHE, Science/Math PIVOT Program, TLC jarett.richardson@burnabyschools.ca
Jillian Smith Humanities PIVOT Program, TLC, Outreach, Peer Tutoring jillian.smith@burnabyschools.ca
Lisa Stevens Special Education Access Program lisa.stevens@burnabyschools.ca
Natalie Tuccori English/Socials TLC, English natalie.tuccori@burnabyschools.ca
Educational Assistants: A. Longair S. Falcus A. Skuro
O. Pires (SLI)  A. Daheer A. Rennie K. Brummitt
R. Neild (SLI) E. Taylor C. Ouellette M. Radosavcev
J. McCormick H. Parbatani E. Szubska N. Jewer
S. Webber W. Henderson T. Four V. Mostofi Afshar
J. Campbell C. Fernandez S. Kuroda M. Gondim