Since March 2020, schools have only accepted on-line preliminary registration forms. This will continue for the foreseeable future. Parents of new student applicants will continue to use the online registration system to upload the required documents. February remains our registration/application month. We cannot accept September registrations until then.


Preliminary registration forms can be accessed by clicking the “Registration” link above. This system was launched in the spring of 2020 and has always been labelled as a “preliminary registration”; this remains so. Parents are required to provide original documents if/when requested by the school or district.

All new students must register online with their local school even if they wish to attend a different school or a district program.

Cross and Out-of-District Transfers

Burnaby residents wanting their child to attend a school different from their catchment school, must submit a Cross-District Application to their desired school. Students living outside of Burnaby should complete an Out-of-District Application form. Both forms can be accessed by clicking the link above. Applications for students wanting to attend Burnaby Mountain should be emailed to

This process begins in February each year and continues until September 30 of the current school year.  Applications received during the month of February are considered “on-time”. Applications received between March and September are considered “late” and will be considered after all on-time applicants have been placed. Please note: cross- and out-of-district applications are not accepted between October and June of the current year.

French Immersion and Mandarin Language Arts

Secondary District Language Program applications (follow the link above) are to be completed electronically and emailed to schools as per the Cross and Out-of-District Transfers above.