In order to assist with physical distancing, schools have not be accepting any in-person registrations since March 2020. This will continue for the foreseeable future and parents will continue to use the online registration system to upload registration documents for students wanting to come to school in September 2022. February remains as our registration/application month. We cannot accept September registrations until then.


The online system was launched in the spring of 2020 and has always been labelled as a ‘preliminary registration’ and this remains so. Parents will be required to provide original documents once schools are fully accessible again.

All new students have to register online with their local school even if they wish to attend a different school or a district program.

Cross and Out-of-District Transfers

Burnaby residents wanting to attend a school in September that is not the school designated for their attendance area must submit a Cross-District Transfer Application to their desired school. Students living outside Burnaby can apply to attend a Burnaby school by submitting an Out-of-District Transfer Application to their desired school. This process will continue over email.

The forms can be found on the district website,, as can the email addresses for all schools. The links to this page have been removed temporarily from the main district registration page to discourage early applications and will return on February 1st.

The family:

  • Fill out an online preliminary registration with their neighbourhood home school (if not already registered)
  • Email a cross or out-of-district application form to the school they wish to attend. The principal of the home school does not need to sign.

The requested school:

  • Notify the home school of the application
  • Add the student details to the cross and out-of-district list to be sent to Kimberley in March. The template for this list will follow next week.

French Immersion and Mandarin Language Arts

Elementary District Language Program applications are completed online through the system that was launched last year. Access to the forms will be returned to the district website on February 1st. Applications for the French Immersion and Mandarin Language Arts programs will come directly to the district and will be shared with schools through February. Full details will be sent to French Immersion schools and Forest Grove later this month.

Secondary District Language Program applications are to be completed electronically and emailed to schools as per the Cross and Out-of-District Transfers above.