Career Life Connections 12 (CLC 12)

CAREER CONNECTIONS 12 – (4 credits-2019-2020 ONLY)- Sessions held during FLEX times

  • Every Grade 12 student must attend 3 CLC group sessions, an Assembly and 1 individual appointment. Times, rooms and groups will be posted in the Career Centre.
  • Present their Capstone in May 2021.


“The capstone is a rigorous learning opportunity for students to reflect and share in personally meaningful ways and is a requirement for Career-Life Connections and for graduation. The purpose of the capstone is for students to demonstrate the knowledge, competencies, and passion(s) that they can offer the world, as they integrate personal interests and strengths with preferred future possibilities. It is a representation of the student’s learning journey and provides an opportunity to reflect and synthesize as well as showcase and celebrate.” Ministry of Education, British Columbia


Must include in your presentation:

  • Several pieces of evidence (ones you have collected and attached to your Capstone Plan).
      • Examples: Work Experience evaluation, travel-pictures, a journal, certificates,letters of reference etc.
  • Must have a visual aspect to your presentation.
  • What were your plans for the future in Grade 10? – (graduation, career ideas, living and financial arrangements etc.)
  • What are your plans now that you are in Grade 12- post-secondary education, job, travel, gap year.
  • What experiences led you to your post-graduation plan. BE SPECIFIC
  • Who are the significant mentors who have guided you on this journey? How did they guide you?


Smart Goals, Career Focus Areas     DUE    JANUARY 17th

20%   Capstone Presentation                         DUE    MAY 21

15%     Capstone Plan                                    DUE    MAY 21

5%       Reflection                                            DUE    JUNE 3

10%     Post- Graduation Plan                        DUE    JUNE 3

50%   all assignments (from CLC 11 (2018/19 and 12 (2019/2020)



Group 1           October 16

Group 2           November 6

Group 3           November 27


Group 3           December 4

Group 2           December 11

Group 1           December 18


All Grade 12 students – Assembly  March 4th during FLEX        

SESSION 4 – Held in Career Centre

Individual meetings with each student. January 1 – March 13th

Bring Capstone Draft PLAN and Post-Graduation Draft Plan.

Sign up in TEAMS (CLC 12)