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Teacher: Mr. A. Sastry, A. Stevens

The Pre-Employment Program provides students in Grades 8-12 with a modified curriculum emphasizing practical life skills and work experience. Students graduate from this program with a School Leaving Certificate (Evergreen) and are prepared for entry-level employment or further programs in Adult Special Education at the post-secondary level. Students are evaluated based on the goals in their Individual Education Plan. The core curriculum is organized into four main areas which are taught independently and integrated through practical application on a daily basis.

1.Functional Academics:

Students work on individualized math and language programs based on their abilities and needs. Programs emphasize practical skills needed for daily living.

2.Social Skills:

Integrated elective classes Social Thinking Curriculum communication Skills Self-management Skills

3.Life Skills:

Personal Safety: identification, danger awareness, getting help, phone skills Getting around: traffic safety, public transit, using maps & directories Consumer skills: planning, budgeting, comparison shopping.Leisure:accessing community facilities, health & recreation, dining, etc Cooking:integrated or adapted cooking classes

4.Job Skills:

Work habits and attitudes, School jobs: paper recycling, beverage recycling, mail room, coffee cart Career awareness and personal planning Job search and interview skills Employment skills, including Worksafe Work Experience