Physical & Health Education

Through participation in physical education, students will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to incorporate physical activity into regular routines and leisure pursuits to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Click here to go to PHE blog.

Physical & Health Education Department Members

Ms. S. Chapman PHE
Mr. G. Davis PHE
Ms. J. Demelo PHE
Mr. B. Kinoshita (Instructional Leader) PHE
Mr. J. Richardson (Athletic Director) PHE
Mr. L. Ryan PHE
Mr. S. Sacilotto PHE

Courses Offered

Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Physical & Health Education 8
Physical & Health Education 9
Physical & Health Education 10
Keep Fit 10
Recreational Leadership 10
Sport Specific Conditioning-Basketball10 


Grade 11
Grade 12
Active Living 11
Fitness & Conditioning 11
Keep Fit 11
PHE Leadership 11
Recreation Leadership 11
Sport Specific Conditioning-Basketball 11
Active Living 12
Fitness & Conditioning 12
Keep Fit 12
PHE Leadership 12
Recreational Leadership 12 
Sport Specific Conditioning-Basketball 12

Course Outline/Notices

Physical Education Course Outline (Grades 8-10)

Keep Fit Course Outline

PE Assessment 

Physical & Education interim report 2017 – self assessment

PE 8 & 9 Parent letter about Health Education

PE Course Fees

CPR “C” student information form 2018