Physical & Health Education

Through participation in physical education, students will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to incorporate physical activity into regular routines and leisure pursuits to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Click here to go to PHE blog.

Physical & Health Education Department Members

Ms. S. Chapman PHE
Mr. G. Davis PHE
Ms. J. Demelo PHE
Mr. B. Kinoshita (Instructional Leader) PHE
Mr. J. Richardson (Athletic Director) PHE
Mr. L. Ryan PHE
Mr. S. Sacilotto PHE

Courses Offered

Grade 8

Grade 9 

Grade 10


Grade 10-12

Sport Specific Conditioning-Basketball 10/11/12

  • Primarily for girls intending on playing school basketball.  Classes aren’t scheduled during the season and occur before school.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a basketball camp in a school course, where skill development and game play are the focus.