Clubs 2020-2021

BMSS PRINTS is a school newspaper whose goal is to build school spirit and engagement within the student body through editions made by and for students.
BMSS DEBATE aims to introduce students to the world of debate and its many styles through workshops and student-led examples. Students can develop their public speaking, critical thinking, and argumentative abilities while learning more about current events upon joining.
OPERATION INK BMSS A creative writing club that provides students a safe space to explore different genres and styles of writing through fun prompts and activities. Meeting times: Tuesdays at 3:30 through Microsoft Teams
BMSS EARTHWISE aims to raise awareness on environmental issues and help protect the environment. 
BMSS MOCKTRIAL Provides passionate students with opportunities to interact with lawyers, compete at mock trial competitions and to join a supportive environment for students interested in the law and the justice system.
BMSS PING PONG aims to allow students to have fun playing ping pong and improve their skill.
BMSS INFINITE Along with academic mathematics, we aim to develop creativity and thinking skills with a variety of games and quizzes and to provide information for students interested in mathematics.
GAIN (Global Action Initiative  Network) is a humanitarian club partnered with Free the Children and Me to We. Throughout the year, we raise funds and awareness about issues present in developing countries.
BMSS YOUTH SEE BC A STEM and Economics Club that aims to create more accessibility in these fields for all students.
BIOLOGY CLUB aims to teach bio through games, dissection and other fun methods
ENVIRONMENT is a club driven towards educating the significance of our environment by encouraging and implementing sustainable practices to make a positive environmental impact in our homes, school and community.
HOT POTATO INITIATIVE A non-profit organization working to educate & engage young Canadians in the conversation about homelessness
KPOP CLUB created for people that enjoy and support kpop. the club has multiple divisions in which the members can choose to be part of, including a general fanclub, dance team, diy/arts team and more.
VIVAxBMSS aims to provide varieties of volunteer opportunities and connect students to the local community.
PODCAST CLUB We are going to create group podcasts where we talk about topics brought up by club members. Also every month we will create a special podcast where we talk to a special guest. These may include student council members, staff members, or community members.
FEMINISM in FILM Our club allows members to learn and gain knowledge regarding the importance of females, as a whole in society, and in the filming industry. We focus on further educating others on becoming more socially aware about the lack of equality and representation of females within the filming industry and society.
YOUTH in ACTION  is a club that brings youth who have a genuine heart to serve the community together to work towards putting this value into action, through volunteering, holding various projects, and partnering with local initiatives!
KALEO CHRISTIAN CLUB To empower and equip and encourage Christian students to navigate high school and our lives in a Godly way.
BADMINTON  provides a safe and fun environment to play badminton and stay active.
WEB DEVELOPMENT CLUB is a club that teaches students how to code and publish websites online.