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CollaborativeTime/Tutorial Days

Wednesday, September 26th will be our first day of Collaborative Time/Tutorial Days at Burnaby Mountain for the 2018/2019 school year.   On Tutorial Days we will follow a Five Period Day Bell Schedule.  Tutorial Days will happen eighteen times during the school year. Click Here to see the Bell Schedule and the Schedule of Days.

Tutorials will take place from 8:40 AM – 9:40 AM. Regular classes will then take place immediately following the Tutorials.   Attendance will be taken for students in Grade 8-10 and attendance will be reported on the Term Report Cards.  Students will be doing the following:

Grade 8/9 students will be in Tutorial Sessions led by Student Mentors
Grade 10 students will be in Tutorial/Study Groups led Student Mentors
Grade 11 students have been assigned to Career Life Connections Groups that will meet on certain 
Tutorial Days.  The groups are posted on the window of the Career Centre.  On the days that there is 
no scheduled CLC Groups they will have study time in the Library or Student Commons.
Grade 12 Students have study time in Library or Students Commons.